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Everything You Need to Know About Metal Halide Lamps and Ballasts
by Joshi, Sanjay
Fun Times with a Quantum Meter, Part I:
A Short Term Study of Various Practices' Effects on PAR Values

by Plankis, Brian
Lighting the Reef Tank
by Wojtczak, Doug
Light Output of the Phoenix 14,000K DE MH Bulb Over Time
by Chantelois, Allen
LumenBright Reflectors - Enlighten Us! (Product Review)
by Jim Memije
Making Sense of Light Measures
by Joshi, Sanjay
Metal Halide Lighting Components
by Garner, Jon
by Joshi, Sanjay
Reefkeeping 101 – Ho! Ho! Ho! - Let’s Light `em Up!
by Murphy, Tom
Testing 250-watt Single-ended Metal Halide Lamps and Ballasts
by Burger, Joe
The Properties of Light
by Trevor-Jones, Andrew
Thoughts on Reef Aquarium Lighting...
by Calfo, Anthony
Underwater Lighing Conditions
by Trevor-Jones, Andrew
What is Light?
by Joshi, Sanjay

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