Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Have Just Left It The Way It Was...

10) Because the archenemy of "Good Enough" is "Better."
Patrick12 of Okinawa, Japan

9) Because I am getting tired of hearing my wife say, "I told you so...."
atwinparadox2 of Pennsylvania

8) Because of the five new ‘frags’ that I never wanted.
mkbtank of North East Philadelphia

7) "I just have to move that one out into the light, just a little bit more... oops! there it goes... Right into the intake. {expletive}!!!!!
Puffster of Ravenna, Ohio

6) You wake up, look at the tank, and decide: "I'll move that rock 1/4" that way." Then you think, "I'll just spin this one around a little bit..." Two hours later, all of your live rock is in a bucket. Two more hours pass, and your live rock is right back the way it started, and you missed all your classes for the day!
Joe-ness of Schooled in Philadelphia

5) Because yesterday my ph was 8.1. After "adjusting" my calcium reactor, it's 7.0 - and I wonder why my fish are having trouble breathing.
Saulsa of Regions Unknown

4) I wanted to save money by heating my 240-gallon reef with a natural gas water heater (to save about $25 per month)... and that ended up costing around $2000 in damages from using the wrong type of PEX-to-PVC fitting. Ouch!
Zachtos of Michigan, Mt. Pleasant

3) Re-aquascaping translated into reefing terms means death and destruction will come: Dropping a large rock and breaking the glass on the bottom of your tank. True story.
Cmondo of Brokenville, Delaware

2) Because I wanted to move one small piece of rock and I ended up having to cancel my Valentine's Day dinner with my wife to re-do my entire rockscape. A month later and I still haven't lived that one down, if you know what I mean.
HaleMoana of West Chester, Pennsylvania

1) A couple of years ago, I had an idea that it would be nice to one day have a reef aquarium. Looking at the last six months of my credit card statements, I should have just left it the way it was.
EnglishRebel of Triad, North Carolina

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