Top Ten Reasons Why You Don't Quarantine Your New Fish...

10) I like living life on the edge... no health insurance, no car insurance, no savings, no parachute... and no quarantine... is that so wrong?
Patrick12 of Okinawa, Japan

9) Still a mystery to me; the quarantine tank somehow morphed into a beautiful heavily-stocked nano reef.
Surfthreeeleven of Regions Unknown

8) I don't quarantine my new fish because if I did, fish keeping would be much less challenging. And I'm all about the challenge, baby!
"Umm, fish?" of Boulder, Colorado

7) If I quarantine the yellow tang, my wife will definitely know I bought a new fish. Maybe I should just put it in and pretend like it just appeared...
jdmcivicek9 of 39°N, 108°W, Colorado

6) I don't quarantine because of the "thug" attitude that these fish have right after being released from the slammer. I've noticed a lot of gang activity in my tank since beginning the practice of quarantining, and I would suspect it is coming from the recently released convicts.
IdealGM of Lafayette, Louisiana

5) Because battling ich in a reef is so much more challenging.
Catfisher of Morgantown, West Virginia

4) There was an overwhelming amount of algae in the display tank that needed trimming...
Ktar of Rochester, New York

3) I figure if I can't quarantine the people I work with to determine if we will all get along and not make each other sick.. my fish don't get the luxury either!
alvieman of Bay City, Michigan (Editor's guess)

2) I can't get them into the bio-suits without hurting them.
DaveJ of Fort Worth, Texas

1) Everyone's doing it.
QuinW of Durham, North Carolina

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