It’s that time of year again; a time for friends, a time for family, and a time for memories. As I hang that shiny green ball on the tree, I begin to remember those fond early years of reefing. I was thrilled to recognize the wrapped shape of a canister filter under the tree from my folks. And I would stare at my reef tank with all of the many bright green corals… < insert sound of screeching brakes >

“Wait! Wait one second!” I think to myself. “What ever happened to all that go-to brilliant green?”

That oh-so-desirable green mushroom colony was the jewel of any respectable reef aquarium. And how can we forget that one square foot of neon green star polyps, that same colony that we could never, ever consider breaking apart at the time. It would be like ripping out a chunk of your summer lawn!

Well I say put down that purple monster Acropora, and stop fragging that yellow-eyed pink watermelon chalice!! It’s that time of year to celebrate the fond memories which makes us smile. So here’s to all things GREEN! Embrace it! Love it! And savor it in all its glorious-new and classic-old forms! < insert sound of clinking wine glasses >

Happy holidays folks! And happy reefing!

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Many thanks to SDguy and Jessy. for their assistance with this project.
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