Top Ten Stupidest Things You've Ever Seen A Fish Do...

10) My Royal gramma: Open mouth, gape at its reflection and scurry away scared...but kept coming back to do it again and again!
UH_OH_5_OH of Central Illinois

9) After acclimating a Blue "Reef Devil" damsel and introducing it into the main display, it made a bee-line straight for a 10" Seabae anemone...
cdentii1 of Canton, OH

8) Jump out of the tank when nobody is watching!
Tonyf of Brisbane, Australia

7) I had a Huma Huma trigger that used to swim circles around my Mag Float for hours.
Bobtail1075 of Candor, NY

6) My clownfish apparently doesn't like Nerite snails on the glass, as he would aggresively knock them off with his head!
trigger05 of Los Angeles, CA

5) Steal the brine shrimp out of my Dendrophyllia when there's 200 more brine swimming in the tank.
Papajojo of Tampa, FL

4) Our Hippo tang will grab a HUGE empty snail shell from the sand, swish her tail as furiously and fast as she can and lift the shell as high as she can and then drop it. She is also often seen carrying crabs around the tank. We call her the Crab Taxi.
Tbittner of Northern VA

3) Our Copperbanded butterflyfish loved Mysis shrimp so much. When we had to move him, I set the fish trap in the tank so he would get used to it. I went to get the Mysis shrimp and upon my return - less than a minute later - he was in the trap waiting.
Jdallred of Arlington, TX

2) I'll try and make this short - Feeding an aggressive tank; Lionfish zeros in on a kill; Moray eel steals Lion's prey; Lion is not happy and turns to attack; stabs innocent Miniatus grouper with dorsal spines; Miniatus dead in 3 seconds. Wake up the next morning; half of the tank is dead; do a water change and carbon change; go to work. Come home from work; all fish dead except the Moray eel who started it all. Stupid Lion (or smart Moray who has the entire tank to himself now)!
Psteeleb of DFW, Texas

1) My Golden Rhomboid wrasse got so excited while my girlfriend was feeding it one day... it jumped clear out of the tank and straight into the little pill bottle we use to thaw out frozen food. So there was my girlfriend, covered in Mysis with a fish frantically stuffing its face and its tail sticking out of the bottle! One in a million doc, one in a million!
Scythanith of Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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