Top Ten Reasons Why That Fatality In The Tank Was Not Your Fault...

10) Because the LFS guy said ...
Liquidfunk of Portland, OR

9) Hey, I'm not the one who tempered the dang thing; I just drilled it.
otto486 of Watertown, SD

8) Because there were water prints on the floor leading to the dog house...
StunnaShadez of Sacramento, CA

7) Global Warming!
JudithM of Terrebonne, Québec & prestage3ek in Somewhere, Florida

6) It said on the website "reef safe" and "Peaceful"?!?!
kyle1284 of Regions, Unknown

5) No-one told me the snowflake eel would grow faster than my baby clownfish.
Schaef of Palatine, IL

4) That damn crab killed it!
champ135 of Amherstburg, Ontario

3) The irresistibly soft carpet the fish wanted to lie on so badly was installed before I bought the house.
Scrodprod of Ormond Beach Fl

2) The fatality wasn't my fault; I was at work. If I'd been there, I could've done something. Work: the perfect alibi...
Somewhere in New Jersey

1) A guy who I know said that his brother's friend's sister's ex-husband's mother's hairstylist said that her Paul Mitchel supplier's boss used to have a 55-gallon reef that he kept a blue ring octopus in, with no problem.
Magdelan of Gananda, NY

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