Top Ten Reasons Why Your Show Tank Shouldn't Be In Your Bedroom...

10) The sound of trickling water during the night could make you relive your childhood bed wetting issues.
Atticus of Independence, Iowa

9) When you're in bed and the wife asks, "What are you thinking?" Your reply will be, "I think the clownfish are about to spawn!"
A&CBowman from Mesa, Az

8) 1000 watts of lighting projecting everything you and you wife do on the thin window coverings...
ReefGeekCanada from Canada

7) Every time you want to get romantic, your wife says..."Honey I can't...It's like we're being watched".
Multiple contributors thinking alike nationwide

6) When people come over to get frags, I have to rush around and pick up my bras off the bedroom floor before they climb the stairs!
DawnOctopus from Bedford, MA

5) Because screaming "Oh god, Oh god!" in the bedroom should not mean your tank just cracked
LooklikeME from Elgin,IL

4) No one will believe you just want them to go to your bedroom to "look at the fish tank."
CassAttack from Clinton, CT

3) It could be hazardous to your health if, during a passionate embrace, your wife catches you looking to see if the tank needs to be topped off.
Keith Burns of Houston, Tx

2) Because waking up on an island (your bed) when the tank cracked during the night is never a good start to the day!
S_Stoney_S of Guildford, UK

1) Where would your wife sleep?
WangoTANGo of Fairport NY

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