Top Ten Obvious Things Pointed Out by a Non-Reefkeeper That Should Have Been Obvious...

10) When a friend looked at my tank and said "Hey, is that a water pump in your tank? What's it for?"
LoyalConvict from Wisconsin

9) Isn't that rat's nest of electrical cords a fire hazard?
petes97 from Elk Grove, CA

8) Hey, Look!! There's a crab in that shell!
warriorss08 from Somewhere, IL

7) Picture this: I have many test kits out including Alk, Ca, Po4, N03, PH, and Mg. I'm adding water to a test tube drop by drop with a syringe when my friend says, "You must know a lot about this stuff."
Magdelan from Gananda, NY

6) Won't it really hurt if that crab pinches your finger instead of the food you are trying to give it?
Tech Diver from Concord, MA

5) For something that's suppose to be relaxing, you sure seem aggravated!
newly salted from Jim Thorpe, PA

4) This cost you a fortune, right?
HPD Turbo from Regions Unknown

3) Uhh....your tank's leaking.
Cmondo from Delaware

2) When the wife asks: "Water and electricity... shouldn't this thing be grounded?"
jade76 from Atlanta, GA

1) Why are your clownfish black and white? Were they cheaper because they're the wrong color?
Ilikemyusername from Florida

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