Top Ten Things That Your Tank And Spouse Have In Common...

10) The more time you spend with one, the more the other one gets jealous and out of whack. Either way, you lose!
brettperkins of Chino Hills, CA

9) Unless I keep throwing money at them, they aren't happy.
madadi of Chicago, IL

8) They’re both beautiful, expensive and time consuming. Oh, and they both insist that the other one has to go.
Jagged Reef of Lynchburg Va

7) You need to spend at least two hours a day with them to keep them happy .
Jmikitz of Whitehall PA

6) They both require more attention than I can ever give, and cost more money than I ever have.
liquidfunk of Portland OR

5) They both expect my undivided attention a minimum of 13 hours a day each
reefmutt of Somewhere in Canada

4) Neither ever do exactly what I want them to do.
fjr_wertheimber of Georgetown, TX

3) They both have a faulty heating sensor! One minute they are hot then the next they are VERY....{editor: Scared to finish this sentence?}
friendorfoe of Manteca, CA

2) No matter how much affection you give them, they always go off on you at the most unexpected time!
prop-frags of Richmond, VA

1) Both are high maintenance.
prop-frags of Richmond, VA, saflinch of Mechanicsburg, PA, and jbarone of Troy, IL

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