For the past six years, Reefkeeping Magazine has displayed beautiful reef tanks on a monthly basis. Readers worldwide look forward to the featured Tank Of The Month, both for enjoyment and from which to learn more. Over the past 72 months, systems from around the world have been put on display, save for one month when the publication was delayed due to the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina.

This month, Reefslides showcases these beauties as a collection, providing inspiration yet again for all of us to forge ahead as we individually strive to create the perfect environment in our own aquariums. Note that with each image, the tank size is listed as well as its owner. Sizes range from a nano holding 8.32 gallons all the way up to a huge 1600 gallon reef.

Grouped together, Reefkeeping Magazine has documented 70 systems that hold a combined water volume of 19,610.32 gallons. For those hobbyists trying to determine the odds of receiving the honorary title of Tank Of The Month themselves, here are some numbers to ponder:

Thirteen systems (or 18% of all Tank Of The Months) are 90 gallons or smaller.
The average mean size is 245 gallons (if the two largest tanks and the nano are removed from the equation).
Seven tanks are180 gallons, and seven are 225 gallons.

Size really doesn't matter, but it's fun to consider if your tank happens to match some of the honored chosen.

If there is a particular system that piqued your interest, the details can be found via this page.

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Many thanks to Quiksilver for his assistance with this project.
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