With Volume 7, Issue 1, we bid farewell to our Managing Editor Skip Attix who has tirelessly labored over the magazine that provided reefkeepers with both content and eye candy for the last six years. Thousands and thousands of people await the new issue every month, reading and devouring the information contained in the articles provided.

Skip, we thank you for all the hard work you did behind the scenes, working your magic while keeping your sense of humor even as deadlines relentlessly approached. Your editorial skills and your ability to perform as webmaster for the premiere online reefkeeping magazine amazed us all -- who can follow such an outstanding example of passion and dedication?

Reefkeeping Magazine has earned its reputation for being the best resource to hobbyists worldwide, and that will not change. Look forward to new features in upcoming issues this year. You can expect to learn more about the public and private aquariums that span our nation. Articles tailored for those New to the Hobby will be a common staple, and clubs will showcase what they have to offer to those in their locales. We will focus on more DIY projects, Product Reviews, and promote Upcoming Events that should not be missed. Don't worry, the popular sections of the magazine will continue as always.

If you have something to offer the magazine in the way of ideas, articles and/or images, please contact me or any member of Team RC. We want to encourage your participation, and want more Reef Central members to feel involved, to be part of our community and our knowledge base. Hobbyists continue to take the lead in determining better and better methods of care for livestock, and by sharing that information, these animals benefit both in health and longevity.

This issue does not contain the Tank Of The Month article due to time constraints, but rest assured it will be back starting next month. Take a look at Reefslides and enjoy what mere mortals have been able to achieve in their husbandry of the many beautiful corals and fish our oceans provide.

Happy reefing!

Marc Levenson (melev)
Managing Editor

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