The Southern California Nano Reef Society

About Us

We are a marine aquarium club with an emphasis on "nano" aquariums. We are based in Los Angeles, California, but have members from all over Southern California. The club was founded by a handful of nano-reefers in Los Angeles that met on our sister site These individuals often posted and met to swap and buy frags from each other. After noticing that there were so many people in the immediate area, a decision was made to create a club so that others could join in the fun and mayhem! Our main purpose is for nano-reefers of all abilities to meet, discuss, swap and/or sell coral frags and other essential reef supplies in the Southern California area. With the "nano" hype booming in the marine aquarium hobby, numerous businesses have sought the opinions and ideas of our members to provide the market with the next generation of equipment. The term "nano" has become more and more accepted as our influence and fun catches on with Southern California!


Southern California Nano Reef Society is currently lead by one president - Israel (Asin on nano-reef). Together with a handful of friends, SCNRS has grown to become what it is today. There are currently lots of self-proclaimed "fun" positions, such as the "bodyguard," "girl secretary" and such, but no official internal structure exists within as it defeats the purpose of having fun! The organization is currently considering pursuing a non-profit organization status.

What We Do

Events are held once every few months. The two main events hosted by SCNRS are frag swaps and BBQs, where frag swaps are more focused on the trading and aquaculturing of corals and livestock, and with our BBQs the focus is just on having fun! So far, SCNRS has successfully hosted five frag swaps at various fish stores around Los Angeles and Orange County, promoting local businesses and awareness of the nano hobby. Raffles are held at each swap where prizes are donated by generous companies that promote nano-reefing. Our last event was a BBQ held at Fraggle Reef in Redondo Beach, where the owner, Miguel, was kind enough to catch enough "bugs" for a superb Lobster Tail BBQ fest! Our next event is planned to be held in early March of 2008 at Amazing Aquariums and Reefs, so be sure to join the fun there!

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For more information, please visit our website: Registering is free, and there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever to become a SCNR member. Remember, its all about enjoying the hobby for what it is, plain and simple.

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