Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Never Go On Vacation If You Own A Reef Tank...

10) You're best friend thought your lionfish was cute and wanted him to nibble on his fingers.
miamishrip of Delaware

9) If you ask a fellow reefer to take care of your tank, you may end up being a couple of polyps short when you get back!
sidd129 of Tomahawk, WI

8) Vacation? How can you "afford" to go on vacation?! You have a reef tank!!?
fiftyfive of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

7) Your LFS waits for you to be out of town, and THAT'S when they have their super-duper, everything you ever wanted, dirt cheap sale!
Serk of Rowlett, TX

6) No matter how much you prepare and detail your routine to a tank sitter, they will feed more just because, "The fish looked hungry!"
Mishap of Pennsylvania

5) I have been unable to train my clowns to answer the cell phone so that I can call and check up on them.
Poorcollegereef of Clemson, SC

4) Vacations just aren't worth it until they come up with an easier way to snorkel and drink beer. It's just more practical to sit in front of the reef tank with a cold one!!! Plus, in the living room you don't have to worry about sharks.
zuzecawi of Salem, OR

3) I can think of 100 reasons not to go on vacation, but this one actually happened to me. I had pages and pages of detailed instructions on taking care of my reef tank and my seahorse tank. I made sure there was plenty of freshly-made saltwater (in case of emergency) and RO/DI in the 30-gallon Rubbermaid for top-off, so I didn't have to show her how to work the RO/DI unit or make saltwater. I left for a week in Aruba and forgot to turn off the RO/DI unit, and my basement flooded. I figure after 7 days, I probably ran over 3,000 gallons of water down the floor drain. BLAH!
cinnamongirl of Central PA

2) Because gravity will find a way to suck the water right out of your aquarium and onto the carpet and for the first time in history, your auto top-off will work like a charm to keep the water overflowing!!!!!
Dirt4dinner of Mesa, AZ

1) Light timers - check. Auto top-off reservoir - check. Backup power source - check. Last minute ammonia/nitrate tests - check. Remembering to tell your roommate not to let his friends pour beer in the tank at his next party - not checked.
Nanopodreefer of Canada

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