Top Ten Ways Your Fish Are Different Than Your Other Pets...

10) My fish never bring me dead rats.
BigBadBrain of Kent, Washington

9) I'd get really funny looks from the neighbors if I took my Tangs for a walk.
Serk of Rowlett, TX

8) My fish don't drown when I hold them under water.
WaterKeeper of SW Ohio

7) Sure, my dog is lovable, obedient and a good companion, but does my clownfish leave landmines in the backyard? I dont think so!
pressthebutton of Tampa

6) Cats you can pet all the time: lionfish, you only pet once!
Acolin of Temple Terrace

5) One Pair of Underwear: $10.00
     One Yellow Lab: $500.00
     Surgery to remove underwear from dog's intestinal track: $2000.00
     Looking at your fish in your reef tank knowing they'll never eat a pair of underwear: Priceless!
Leandrae of Thornton, CO

4) Picture this... being abruptly awakened in the middle of the night by a glass of water tipped over right by my head on the nightstand. Who's the culprit - fish or cat?
Bri Guy of Appleton, Wisconsin

3) My clownfish take food from my fingers. My Sunfish takes fingers as food!
Dragonet_Dude of Ontario, Canada

2) When was the last time you could tell your friends that your cat fixtures cost $10,000?
kaiyokanman28 of Montgomery, IL

1) No one takes "Warning! House protected by attack fish!" signs seriously.
Serk of Rowlett, TX.

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