Top Ten Fake Aquatic Livestock Decorations Found In Your Home...

10) My daughter's favorite fish in my tank is "Nemo" the clownfish-shaped plastic veggie clip.
mike89t of Chandler, Az

9) I have a Swarovski crystal trilogy series of two clownfish with their anemone and a turtle with coral.
Kazza24 of Victoria, Australia

8) I have a goblet of seashells sitting on the TV console. Mum wanted to dump it until I told her it was a collection of the dead cleaners from my tank.
andrew_kin of Msia

7) I have one of those fake illuminated corals I keep on a table in the hallway. It may look ridiculous, but I can find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!
AdidaKev of 612 Wharf Ave.

6) I have a little spinning fish that fits on the handle of coffee mugs. You can rest your thumb on them, or with a flick, give them a twirl!.
Acolin of Temple Terrace

5) I have a "clap on/clap off" hula dancing mermaid with flipping fins!
joe_shmo of Unknown, Whereabouts

4) I have a beautiful glass-blown fish that hangs and bobs in the water. It does not need to eat, does not add any bioload to the water and gets along quite well with the other fish.
Zoa of Long Island, NY

3) I have one of those gray sharks that's half-in/half-out of the tank!
babooza of Unknown, Whereabouts

2) My wife keeps telling me to get one of those sunken treasure chests with bubbles to go into my SPS reef!
Snarzy of Baltimore

1) My toilet seat! Click here.
dkh0331 of Kittanning, PA.

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