Top Ten Ways Reefkeeping Has Affected Your Family...

10) My son's first four-syllable word: anemone.
stgla of Washington, DC

9) My daughter's first word was "Nemo." After watching the movie millions of times, my daughter looked at the tank, pointed out the clownfish and said "Nemo!" Now, anytime she looks at the tank, she asks where Nemo is.
vareefer4life of Virginia

8) We're the only family at Sea World with kids that say, "What a crummy reef tank!"
KwajRocks of Alabama

7) Because of my marine aquarium, I spent $4K on water purification. The fish and the family love it!
Perry T of Carmichael, CA

6) The wife and I have agreed not to have a 3rd child, so I can have the spare bedroom for my fishroom.
george1098 of Nova Scotia, Canada

5) Having a reef tank has given my family something to buy for the guy that used to "not want anything."
THE GIMP of Fullerton, California

4) I got my wife and son addicted to World of Warcraft so I would have more time to spend on my tanks.
Danamck of California

3) I now wear a robe and carry a three-pointed staff and only answer to the name of "Poseidon." My kids' punishments are scraping the walls clean and dumping and cleaning the skimmer's scum container! Their only college option is U of M for a major in Marine Biology. My girl is named Ariel, and my boy is named Nemo. I have "Flipper" and "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" on tape plus Sea Quest on the weekends. My wife is threatening divorce, so I parted our house. Other than that we live a good ole normal life!
dtaylor123 of Unknown, Whereabouts

2) My Mother-in-law loves my reef tank so much that I get $100 to spend on corals for my birthday instead of clothes!
chemisfun11 of Bellmore, NY

1) Before the reef tank: My wife and I ate well thought-out, prepared multi-course meals. After the reef tank: Fish, corals and clams eat well thought-out, prepared multi-course meals, and we look at a colorful wall with pictures on it and yell, "#1 with cheese, jumbo size with a root beer!"
santapaulareefer of Santa Paula, Ca.

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