Top Ten Worst Things You Have Done To Support Your Reef Habit...

10) I moved into a smaller appartment, paid an electrician to install a new breaker box for the tanks and sold the couch and entertainment center.
worlds under of Fayetteville, Arkansas

9) Retirement?!?! Who needs retirement? I have started three IRAs and not one has lasted for a year or more. Everytime I get enough in the account and think I am doing well, I see something at the LFS or online that I know my aquarium will love to have. There goes that IRA!!!
vareefer4life of Virginia

8) I sold a dime bag of oregano to my cousin so I could put gas in my car to drive to the LFS, and then smoked the dime bag of oregano with my cousin and acted stoned so he would buy another bag.
okinawafish of Oki

7) I pulled my wife's IV equipment out of the trash because they make great kalkwasser dosers! Hey, they just would have gone to waste otherwise, right?
Fishbulb2 of La Jolla, CA

6) I awoke at three o'clock in the morning to sneak a new apparatus into the house.
batguano of Riverhead, New York

5) I took out a second mortgage.
BLockamon of Unknown, Whereabouts

4) I've convinced myself that Ramen noodles taste good.
Mish of South Carolina

3) I have sold my blood plasma to raise money for my reef.
Carman34L of Lake Elmo, Minnesota

2) I purchased a purchased a $75.00 coral after promising not buy anything else and used a supermaket receipt to "prove" to my wife that I only paid $2.99. The $2.99 was for a box of Chewy Chips Ahoys, and I covered the top of the receipt with my finger.
leoskee of NJ/NY

1) Without my wife's permission, I got a 55-gallon tank when I needed a brake job on my truck. Then, the next day I hit a car when I couldn't stop!
thefuture of Unknown, Whereabouts

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