Top Ten Ways To Get Your Spouse To Pay For Your Next Item From The LFS...

10) Take a course on hypnotism: "You are feeling sleeepy, sleeeeepy... Now you have a sudden urge to buy that coraaal, coraaaaal, coraaaal..."
TosT of Costa Rica

9) Now, Honey, if you really want some anthias and tangs, we're going to need at least a 250-gallon tank.
rutledgek of Chester County, PA

8) Tell her the new purchase will make the tank a lot quieter, and you'll have to spend a lot less time working on it.
shyland83 of Newark, DE

7) I told my wife that the clam can actually make pearls.
mcandido of Unknown, Whereabouts

6) "Watching the clowns do their cute little courtship dance puts me in the mood... If they had an anemone, they'd probably do it all the time."
Tahoe Ocean of South Lake Tahoe, CA

5) Look Honey, that coral matches your new shoes!
fishypetsof Cedar Park, TX

4) The first step: convince her that "this is our tank." The rest should take care of itself.
Cubman777 of Tallahassee, FL

3) Put it in the prenuptial agreement.
DMBillies of Ashland City, TN

2) Give her a guilt trip that one of your fish needs “a friend.”
DMBillies of Ashland City, TN

1) Wow! I paid for the ring, the house and that fancy car, and you can't even pay for a fish? That's some kind of love!
thefuture of Unknown, Whereabouts

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