Top Ten Most Useless Purchases You've Made For Your Tank...

10) The shoes I have to buy for my wife everytime I buy something for the tank!
MargaritaMan of 2200 miles East/Northeast of Hawaii

9) A Bristleworm trap. The trap is empty and the worms are three times bigger. It's more like a bristleworm all-you-can-eat buffet.
Dragonet_Dude of Ontario, Canada

8) A sharpnosed Puffer. He turned my longspined urchin into a pincushion urchin.
Dragonet_Dude of Ontario, Canada

7) A really detailed sunken battleship, which my kids now refer to as the "funny purple rock." Dang coralline!!!!
tabwyo of Riverton, Wyoming

6) According to my parents... "Why did you buy those stupid rocks? They arent alive! You should go get your money back."
otto486 of the USA

5) The most useless thing I've purchased was a $100 test kit... my $5 Xenia frag will tell me something's wrong three days sooner!
jnowell of Wichita Falls, TX

4) The actual tank. After doing a freshwater test run, I discovered the teensy issue of the back wall separating from the rest of the tank, and how that adversely affects my carpeting.
Charlie97L of North Bethesda, MD

3) One sweet looking anemone I was told would host clownfish... $5.00 for an Aptasia.
phatboyL7 of Michigan

2) Sea Monkeys... I wonder if they'll eat bananas?
Charlie97L of North Bethesda, MD

1) "Magical" coral food. All my corals died. Was that the magic part?
Dragonet_Dude of Ontario, Canada

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