Top Ten Things That Have Happened To Your Tank That No One In The Family Knows About...

10) "I was looking at the pictures you posted on your site, and never realized how beautiful those corals are in your tank"... comment by my 18 year old son who sees the tank daily.
melev of Ft Worth, TX

9) The family doesnt know that I spent about $1000 on the some of the latest, greatest new reef equipment, all of which ended up in the junk closet within six months.
prostitch of McEwen, TN

8) The worst thing that I have done to my tank without anyone finding out is when I put a bucket of mop water into my tank that I thought was put out for me to top-off with.
Madman133 of Castle Rock

7) The bag of Morton's salt my brother gave me for my tank on my birthday that's now lying (un-used) in the back of the stand.
Dragonet_Dude of Ontario, Canada

6) My tank gets a water change every seven days religiously, but my car hasn't seen an oil change in 8000 miles!
Ludwigia73 of Davie, FL

5) Well, when I was living at home, I spent about two weeks attempting to talk my father out of converting the attic to a tool shed. Why? I have an upstream refugium and growout tank in the attic plumbed to our in-wall display. You'd think he would notice the aurora of the metal halides lighting the refugium at night...
number8 of South Cali

4) The $2,100 that has magically dissolved into it over the past year!
brandonberry of Rocky Mount, NC

3) It cost 10 times more than I told anyone (including myself).
Konadog of Long Beach, So Cal

2) The fish eat each other's droppings.
Dragonet_Dude of Ontario, Canada

1) Those "cute lil' fuzzy baby gorilla" crabs... became snail fodder.
anutha newby of Unknown Whereabouts

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