Top Ten Things Your Fish Would Say About You To 60 Minutes...

10) My fairy wrasse would tell them I'm a very nice landlord for installing the water slide (aka overflow).
Ludwigia73 of Davie, FL

9) I really wish he wouldn't stop off from the shower to feed me in the buff.
Lincutis of Columbus

8) Hey you! Yes, you on the other side of the glass. Stop that! Hey come on, when are you going to get me a mate so I can have some fun also?
lchase12 of Clive, Iowa

7) Just when I am getting to know my way around the reef this big hand comes down from above and changes the rockwork. I never know where I'm at. Please help me!
gnrlee of Richmond, VA

6) My owner spends more time in front of the tank nude than dressed.
djian of Windsor

5) This boy is on something! All he does is sit there, head in hands, staring at us for hours like some kind of peeping Tom. What a stalker! Gives my gills the chills...
NightBreed of Denver, Colorado

4) "Mr. Bradley, if I swam here and told you he was dumping foul toxic skimmate into our public sewer systems, would you really believe me? I doubt it. But it is true, I tell you... completely true. There can be no coverup."
Gerde of Grand Rapids, MI

3) "That crazy lady? She's been stalking us for years... just STARES at us with those buggy eyes."
WendyMc of Spokane, WA

2) "Contrary to widely reported budget numbers for this project, there continue to be several cost overruns."
DownTown of Absecon, NJ

1) That I eat way too much sushi, and they live in fear that I may someday eat them; that I disturb their beauty sleep with flashlight checks of the sand bed and rocks & that I spend way too much time on RC when I should be paying attention to them.
Tahoe Ocean of South Lake Tahoe, CA

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