Top Ten Most Embarrassing Reef-Related Things That Someone Has Walked In On You Doing...

10) I was using a razor blade to chop up a clump of kalkwasser on a piece of acrylic, and it just so happened that the kalk was in several lines.
dubitup of Broomfield, CO

9) I went to the local drug store to get some syringes, and asked the pharmacist where I could find them. With a steely gaze he asked, "What type of syringes?" Realizing that "killing Aiptasia anemones" would probably be misunderstood, I froze. After a long pause I came up with "Our grand daughter won't take her medication." He smiled, realizing I wasn't a geriatric drug addict. I smiled, knowing he wasn't calling the police, and walked out with three plastic syringes for free.
anonymous - somewhere in Florida

8) I was standing in my fish room with no pants on (the wife entered the room, having missed that I just previously spilled salt water all over myself before taking them off).
anonymous of Illinois

7) I was kick starting the ammonia cycle by peeing in the tank--enough said!
cougaraug of Morro bay, CA

6) I was sitting at the table with a syringe and needle in one hand and a mixture of kalk in the other to nuke Aiptasia.
skippyreef of Ypsilanti

5) My wife saw me for hours with my hands in the tank... perfectly normal except for the fact that I was in my underwear!
copps of Northern VA

4) I was on a special trip to the grocery store for the tank, standing in line in front of a mother and her very attractive daughter at 10PM on a Friday night with:

1-turkey baster,
1-ultra sheer panty hose,
1-can of 8-in-1 lubricant,

And, of course, I also happened to pick up:

1-strawberry scented candle,
1-six-pack of Bud Ice

swims withthe fishes of Miscellaneous Whereabouts

3) I was taking a picture of my Blonde Lipstick Tang(Naso)... I was coaxing it seductively closer to the glass to get a better shot. After about a minute or so of playful one-way banter with the fish, I turned around only to find my wife right behind me nearly in tears from trying to stop laughing. "I was this close to getting her number!" I told her!
havaneros of Unknown Whereabouts

2) Getting caught by my wife as I vacuumed water out of her golf bag with a wet/dry shop vac (mental note: don't become distracted when filling kitchen sink to soak a dirty skimmer... sink overflowed the counter, the kitchen floor overflowed and rained down into the basement, thereby filling aforementioned wife's golf bag.)
anutha newby of Unknown Whereabouts

1) All the lights where off in the room. Me and another guy were looking at some of the corals in the corner of his tank under his new moonlights. Just then, his female roommate walks in and says, "I knew you were gay!" Very hard to explain that one...
TonyMateo of Unknown Whereabouts

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