Top Ten Things You Would Never Admit To Another Hobbyist...

10) That you thought the little plastic air bubble divers were really cool and you wanted one, even if you just put it in your fuge/sump to keep from having to explain what in the heck it was doing in your reef.
ncsugrad04 of Durham, NC

9) I spend hours at a time, at night, on the floor with a flashlight looking at bugs.
selgado of Toledo, OH

8) Even though I have hundreds of dollars of SPS and a Regal angelfish... I still like my pods the best.
MrMongoose of West Lafayette, IN.

7) I cycled my first tank by peeing in it. Unfortunately, my tank is right beside a window and my neighbors were walking by.
Penfold of Decatur, Alabama

6) You pretend to fiddle with your aquascaping a few times a week, but the truth is you really enjoy that manicure from your cleaner shrimp.
fincity of NYC

5) I have to get my wife's permission for anything hobby related.
reef_dude76 of Cincinnati, Ohio

4) That your spouse knows more about your tank than you do, and they are the one who actually maintains it.
BubbaPhish of Florence, S.C.

3) When I first got into the hobby, I hand fed my Aiptasia a cut shrimp every morning.
fishinchick of So. Calif.

2) After two weeks of starting in the hobby, we had a "crack" in our new tank. The LFS came out to replace the tank and scraped the "crack" away with a razor (crack = dried silicone drip).
sheik_yerbouti of Rochester, NY

1) I try all the foods personally before giving them to my fish.
Scalare102079 of Indianapolis

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