Top Ten Things You Have Said That Make Non-Reefkeepers Think You Are Insane...

10) I just ordered fifty dollars worth of algae to help keep algae from growing in my tank.
Lincutis of Columbus

9) Yelled to a coworker across the office: "My conch has gotten huge since you saw it last."
Teraphage of Rochester, NY

8) Yeah, they said it was called a "gonad-nibbling buttfish" online...
Aquatect of Maryland

7) You won't believe the way the fish beg when we eat dinner.
Tahoe Ocean of South Lake Tahoe, CA

6) When my co-workers asked what I was doing this weekend, and I said, "My wife and I are going out to pickup crabs..." I can't even begin to explain the confused look on their faces.

5) Hey..I want to show you how fuzzy my millepora gets!
mrbncal of California

4) I only paid $1200.00 for those rocks in my tank.
RColbath of Blackshear, Georgia

3) Let's stop at the grocery store. I need to get some pickling lime for my fish tank.
bkwudzjeep of Polk, Florida

2) No really, its "live rock."
cutting of Maine/Osan AB ROK

1) Listen Officer! Like I said, the Vodka's for my fish tank.

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