Top Ten Things Your Significant Other Has Bought at the LFS While Shopping Without You...

10) Nothing:  and it was a good choice!
Norm R of Lewis Center, Ohio

9) My hubby brought home a 6" diameter ceramic figure of a topless mermaid holding a sign that said, "No Fishing." It now resides in the sump as an extra nitrifying bacteria substrate.
KwajRocks of Alabama

8) A Goldfish... "Because they are much cheaper than any of the fish you bring home." And later the next day:  A net... "To remove the dead goldfish I just added."
jefftodd of Martinez, CA

7) My Ex came home with a "cool looking shrimp" (Peacock mantis), and dropped it in my reef tank to "suprise me." Boy, was I suprised! Want to know why she's my Ex?

6) The diamond earrings at Tiffany's when she realized that you've been lowballing all the items that you've purchased at the LFS by a factor of 10!
reefkeeper1 of Mountain View, CA

5) A bag of Morton's salt from Safeway. "Honey, it was cheaper than that bucket of salt at the fish store."
The Claw of Selah, Washington

4) "I put something new in the reef tank, Honey. Can you guess what it is? Okay, I'll tell you. It's that cute, little Chocolate Chip starfish. Look, isn't that NICE? I think it's cleaning off your Purple Mushroom corals... Honey??... Honey!?!... HONEY!!!!"
Ladipyg of Chicago

3) When asked to pick up some frozen Mysis (said verbally, not written) my wife tried to buy frozen mice till she noticed they were too large for my fish to eat!

2) "Honey, this pleco will do wonders on the nuisance algae!"
PITSTOP of New Haven

1) Wife: "Here Honey, I bought you this acro-thingy at the fish store."
    Husband: "Sweet!! Did you ask about the lighting needed?"
    Wife: "They said something about metal cowhides. I think that guy was crazy!"
    Husband: "Thanks, Baby. I knew I could count on you."
Fuegofish777 of S. California

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