Top Ten Brilliant DIY Ideas That Were Just Never Meant To Be...

10) DIY paper mache live rock.
Scavenger of Nanaimo, BC

9) My wife thought it would be great to have a reef swimming pool. As she put it, "Just think... you wouldn't have to worry about lighting!"
cougaraug of Fairbanks, AK

8) I will use two pumps, one to pump water out of the tank and a second one to return water to the tank. All I need are two gate valves so I can adjust the flow rates of each pump until I create a perfect balance.
StevenPro of Pittsburgh, PA

7) I'm going to make a see-through stand and canopy with this plexiglass from Home Depot.
MPA of the East coast of Florida

6) A protein skimmer hooked inline with the dishwasher.
drseuss620 of San Jose, CA

5) An undergravel metal halide fixture. "Light your corals from down-under," I say!
D & S of Unknown Whereabouts

4) The ice-cube powered chiller...
JumboShrimp of Centreville, VA

3) Using a weed whacker to mix up your salt water in a horse trough.
Zephrant of Spokane, WA

2) Using a nuclear fuel rod from your job at Three Mile Island to light your aquarium after noting the blue glow in the containment pool looked like a 20K.
rvitko of Austin, Texas, USA

1) Using the garbage disposal to increase foam production in my skimmer.
beerguy of Sactown, CA

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