Top Ten Lies You've Told to Your Significant Other About Your Tank...

10) Oh that? It came with the live rock I just got off of a friend who was taking down his tank.
ginntonic74 of Trenton, New Jersey

9) I don't know where that came from. It must be a hitchhiker.
s1xtyfe3t of Fairlawn, OH

8) Gee Honey, I'd love to fly back East with you to visit your mother, but my clownfish is pregnant and I don't have a midwife fish. I guess I'll have to stay home and try to play the part of the midwife fish.
Scavenger of Nanaimo, BC

7) I paid for that coral with the money I made from selling frags.
loui of Pittsburgh, PA

6) Of course saltwater tanks are cheaper, Honey. There are more fish in the ocean than in freshwater lakes.
ReefCollection of Huntington Beach, CA

5) What new fish?
jeffltodd of Martinez, CA

4) Powder Blue Tang - $80
     Ultra Green Torch - $80
     Rare Capricornis - $100
Telling your wife it all cost $50 by using a year's worth of $5 bills stuffed in the secret comparment of your wallet - PRICELESS!
josepha of Syracuse, NY

3) After this purchase I will have EVERYTHING I need.
acroporas of Miami FL, Madison IN

2) I got all this from a trade of my very rare brown polyps.
pyro383 of W. Babylon, NY

1) Can I have an extra $20 for the groceries this week?
Tahoe Ocean of South Lake Tahoe, CA

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