Top Ten Thread Titles That You Never Want To See Again On Reef Central...

10) How do I get rid of Aiptasia?
keckles of Tulsa

9) DSB- Yes or No?
drtherc of Northern California

8) Slightly used Reef Central thong (XXXL) for sale.
reefyguy of Indianapolis

7) Help me identify this new invertebrate [No picture attached].
shearwater of Boxford, MA

6) Anything that has the word "NEMO" in it!
Tasiamay of Phoenix, Arizona

5) Anything written by WaterKeeper!!!
WaterKeeper of SW Ohio

4) TEST.
mktexas of unknown whereabouts

3) How many tangs do I need to solve the algae problem in my 30 gallon reef tank?
ozadars of Turkey / Izmirof

2) Does anyone know where I can get some Southdown?
Thunnus of Austin, Texas

1) The story of the gonad-eating butt fish!
TurboBrett of Austin, TX 78745, BlAcK_PeRcUlA of So. Cal and fishinchick of So. Cal.

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