Top Ten 13 Ways You've Flooded Your House...

13) Lets clean that U-Pipe with the pumps on...
FishhyRen of Jax, FLA

12) Using a razorblade to clean the algae off the front of the tank and accidently cutting into the sealant.
croceaclam of the San Francisco Bay Area

11) Note to self: Never adjust skimmer before going to bed.
GeorgiaSalt of Georgia

10) I like this way as it is the most complete and thorough way to empty your tank:
Have the hose on top of your skimmer come off, and shoot the water all over the living room. Be sure to have the skimmer located in your refugium. And to make it even more perfect, have your display tank plumbed in to the refugium, so you can have a greater supply of water. With this method you can effectively empty 130 gallons from your 140 gallon system.
Victoria of Mammoth Lakes, CA

9) After all the holes I drilled in the PVC pipe for the spray bar, I seem to have forgotten the small (but important!) hole right below the surface of the water.
jrausch of Minneapolis, MN

8) Leaving the house to hit a bucket of golf balls while a barrell fills with RO/DI water, then instead of returning home you mindlessly decide to play 18 holes..
3_high_low of Boston, MA

7) I had a RO/DI system mounted on the wall above my washing machine which developed a leak. The water shorted the selonoid valve in the washer, which dumped over 3000 gallons on the floor overnight. I came home to 1-3" of water covering the entire house, over $5000 worth of damage.
JeepersReefers of Las Vegas, Nevada

6) My rubbermaid sump cracked during Thanksgiving dinner. After having our fondue, we realized that there was water creaping across the hardwood've never seen us, or our guests, move so fast in all your life!

5) A power outage that caused the sump to become the gravity siphoning "sump of death."
koikeeper of Nebraska

4) Turbo snails that want to "clean out" the overflow pipes!!!
figuerres of Saint Petersburg, FL

3) By accidentally leaving the RO unit on all night.
Danables of Huntington Beach, CA

2) I started to fill the sump from my 400 gallon storage tank and then my wife walked in the room naked...!
MargaritaMan of Southern California

1) Falling asleep in the middle of a water change... bad move!
Nickenickels of Brooklyn, New York

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