Top Ten Things Non-Reefkeepers Say That Annoy You...

10) Oh look, a Nemo fish!!!
robwsup of Aiken, SC; jpfelix of Jefferson City, MO; pillions of Gilbert, Arizona; milhouse74 of Berlin, NJ; FLCL787! of Phoenix, AZ; PITSTOP; Aaron1100us of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Leopardshark of Mexico; Dman of Toronto, Ontario; gumbybc of CA Redding/Antioch; jasonf1973 of Austin, Texas; AnnArborBuck of Toledo, OH

9) Is that thing really alive?
toreefornototreef of NV

8) You paid how much for that rock?
joetinker of Boaz, AL; FishhyRen of Jax, FLA; biggoby of Derry, NH; knpjdad of Findlay, OH; robertnb64 of Torrance, CA; mastiffpal of Chicago, IL

7) You should put a shark in there.
Scavenger of Nanaimo, BC; spiker of Illinois; jamison of Salt Lake City

6) Wow! Those are some pretty plants.
krobb of Colorado Springs; jpfelix of Jefferson City, MO; myBFOnano of Arizona; NTidd of Kalamazoo, MI; reeferX777 of Pensacola, FL

5) What are those beautiful shining green pearls on the rock there?
Minh Nguyen of Corpus Christi, TX; yoda of Huntsville, AL

4) You need to put some more fish in there.
spiker of Illinois; bstruebing of Mt. Clemens, MI; elwaine of SW Florida; joshuasamuels of Houston

3) Do they have to have salt water?
daggbus of Tacoma, WA

2) Wow, nice tank! So, can you eat any of those shrimp?
gianna of Illinois

1) Can you keep our goldfish in there while we're on vacation?
Norm R of Lewis Center, Ohio

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