Top Ten Signs That You Have Too Many Tanks...

10) The evaporated water from your tanks has formed cumulus clouds in your living room.

9) When one shatters and all the water is caught by the tanks below it.
lllosingit of Des Moines Iowa

8) The local elementary school calls and wants to schedule a tour.
Atticus of Davenport, IA

7) When a guest asks where your restroom is and you say, "Go to the 125 gallon, take a right, then go between the two 75's, then follow the hall to the end and make a right at the 50 gallon. Another quick right and the toilet will be right there next to the nano tank by the sink. By the way, while you are in there can you check the water level in the bathtub? That's my central sump. Thanks!"
Reefmiester of Clovis, CA

6) The Police have your house on observation because of excessive electricity useage.
Adrienne (fishinchick) of Sea Dwelling Creatures, Inc., So. California

5) You constantly have to turn people away who think you're running an LFS.
dave2184 of Girard, Oh

4) There is salt creep on your walls.
hmoore of Greenbelt, MD

3) Your couch is one palm tree short of becoming an island.

2) Jacque Cousteau and his crew spend two years at your house filming a documentary on colorful reef fishes.

1) You think adding maybe just one more dehumidifier will finally stop the water from dripping off the ceiling.
mikefish of Hagerstown, MD

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