Top Ten Signs You May Be Dating A Reefkeeper...

10) You take a trip to an exotic location and while you're slipping into your lingerie he's slipping into his wetsuit.
TimsReef of Shiloh, IL (St. Louis)

9) You have to unplug the metal halides before you can blow dry your hair.
ousnakebyte of Washington, D.C.

8) It's 3am and instead of inviting you in for a nightcap, your date invites you in to see his copepods.
masterswimmer of the Northeast

7) He'll spend $75 on Cyclop-eeze for the tank's dinner, but you're lucky to see the inside of a Taco Bell....
Chris Rollison of San Juan Capo, CA

6) You have learned not to complain about being too hot or too cold in his apartment since really, “your body can tolerate fluctuations a lot better than the corals.”
ousnakebyte of Washington, D.C.

5) You complain to your girlfriends that he can't remember your eye color but knows the scientific name for 'every little weed' in his fish tank.
O. Eye of Iowa

4) If a romantic evening on the beach involves a blanket, a bottle of wine, and a Salifert test kit.
smiller of Cedar Creek Lake,TX

3) If your first date is a "behind the scenes" tour at the local fish store.
Goalie66 of Belleville, Il (St. Louis)

2) When you go out to dinner, she asks for a “doggy” bag at the Sushi bar.
Mr_Quality of Owings Mills, MD

1) If she asks if thats a refractometer in your pocket!
ol'reefer of Lake Worth, FL

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