Top Ten Signs You Know You Need a CLEANUP Crew...

10) You notice that two of your fish are teeing-off on the 19th green of Bryopsis.
Rich.W (sumpfinfishe) of Vancouver, B.C.

9) The plecos in your freshwater tank keep looking at your reef tank and drooling.
Al G Blenny of San Jose

8) You can't tell the difference between your tank water and what's in your protein skimmer's collection cup.
kaiyokanman28 of Naperville, Illinois

7) The dead shrimp you used to cycle your tank a year ago is still sitting on your sand bed.
fishhead14 of St. Louis

6) Your friends always complement you on your nice, planted tank.
anathema of San Francisco

5) Your experiment, testing Darwin's theory of 'survival of the fittest,' failed miserably.
insomniak79 of Huntington Beach, CA

4) Your Lawnmower Blennie mows down everything in the tank except the word "HELP."
Jon Coombs (bkwudzjeep) of Tampa, FL

3) There's so much detritus in your tank the city has re-zoned your house as a toxic waste site.
insomniak79 of Huntington Beach, CA

2) You posted on the DIY forum to see if anyone has figured out a way to automate their algae magnet.
lesd of Milwaukee, WI

1)Your fish have developed the habit of carrying machettes and wearing bush hats.
kaiyokanman28 of Naperville, Illinois

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