With our November issue we have taken a slightly different approach; this month we have a single focus: "Things With Stings." To put it bluntly, this issue packs a punch!!

Kicking the issue off, Frank Marini begins with a comprehensive discussion of lionfish and their care in The Lionfish Info Sheet: Captive Care and Home Husbandry. In a similar vein, Henry Schultz examines another portion of the family Scorpaenidae in his Fish Tales column, Scorpionfish: Masters of Camouflage. Given the ability of these creatures to issue a powerful sting, this issue would be remiss without a discussion of the issues involved in receiving a sting from a lionfish, and James Fatherree addresses these concerns with his article: Lionfish Envenomations and the Aquarist. Continuing with the theme, Dr. Ron Shimek offers a thorough article detailing the coldwater Scorpaenid species in his column entitled, Coldwater Scorpaenids - The Rockfishes of the Northeastern Pacific. And, as if that were not enough, Eric Borneman presents a detailed treatment of some of the more potent stinging corals, the Fire corals, in this month's column entitled, Venomous Corals: The Fire Corals. Rounding out the theme, a vivid first hand description of an actual lionfish sting is presented by Sandra Shoup in her short article, The Hard Way.

Enjoy, and beware!

Skip Attix
Managing Editor

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