A Message from the Editor by Skip Attix

Greetings, Reefkeepers!

This month we are introducing two new additions to our magazine: a featured "Cover Page Photo" and "ReefSlides."

Similar to a traditional paper magazine, we will now have a cover page showcasing an outstanding photo from the aquarium or the reef. A brief description of the "Cover Page Photo" will be found at the bottom of the "Table of Contents" page. "ReefSlides" is a short slideshow containing photos and captions in series submitted by readers of our magazine. This month, for both of these new features, Chuck Fiterman (MtnDewMan) has been so gracious as to let us use some of his pictures.

If you have a series of pictures that you believe would make an interesting "ReefSlides" submission, or a photograph that would make a striking cover page, and would like to have it featured in Reefkeeping Magazine, please email your pictures to: eattix104@comcast.net. For "ReefSlides," we are looking for any types of photos that work well together as a sequence, including things such as a series of events captured in pictures, a coral growth sequence pictorial, spawning pictorials or a series of shots of the various steps of predation. Use your imagination!

It is my hope that you will enjoy these new features, and we look forward to your submissions. Thank you for visiting our magazine.

Skip Attix
Senior Editor

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