Powder Red Tang,
Latin name TBD

"New species of Surgeonfish discovered in Fiji"

Divers near the Fijian capital of Suva recently made a startling discovery. An unidentified species of surgeonfish, most likely of the Genus Acanthurus, was captured by a local group of fishermen who primarily work the ornamental marine fish trade. The discovery, made in about 30 feet of water, was initially thought to be just an aberrant color morph of Acanthurus leucosternon, the Powder Blue Tang, but was quickly identified as a new species once it was examined by experts at the fish exporter where the gentlemen work. The fish has a bright red primary body color, with black around the face, a bright blue dorsal fin, and a pink tail and ventral. They are working to present papers to the scientific community describing and naming this rare find. Since the discovery of the initial specimen, more than 20 other individuals have been spotted in nearby waters. Kevin Simmons, spokesman for the exporter, says that none of the observed specimens exceed 8cm (3.15inches) and in fact most were around 6cm total length. This would appear to make them excellent candidates for the home aquarium. More to come on the exciting discovery in future issues of Reefkeeping. Below is the basic summary, to be updated as more data comes in.

Common Name: Powder Red Tang
Scientific Name: Acanthurus undecidedus
Size: Believed to grow to 3.15 inches; observed between 6cm - 8cm
Distinguishing Features: This fish has a bright red body, blackened face, bright blue dorsal fin, hot pink tail and ventral area.
Origin: Discovered in the Fiji region.
Natural Habitat: Initial find at 30', more data required.
Feeding Requirements: Expected to be like the Powder Blue Tang, it is very likely herbivorous. Its diet may consist primarily upon red vegetation, or perhaps a supplementary diet of Gem tang eggs, which would explain its unusual coloration. It appears to readily accept dry and prepared foods, but longterm effects are unknown.
Difficulty Rating:
(1 = easy - 5 = hard)
Unknown at this time.
Aggressiveness Rating:
(1 = shy - 5 = nasty)
Rating this fish would be premature at this time. Due to its very recent discovery, it may be a timid fish, but more data is required to ascertain a reliable interger.
Captive Requirements: Unknown. Exporters and wholesalers will very likely promise they are excellent candidates for even the most modest aquarium.
Optional Requirements: These fish will appreciate feedings of seaweed sheets rubber banded to a rock or clipped to the glass. There are several frozen Angel & Butterfly foods on the market that may be beneficial.
Reef Tank Compatibility: Unknown. They may host in red colored corals or sponges in an effort to blend in. They have been observed in pairs and small groups in the collection tanks, which may indicate an absence of the aggression seen in its Powder Blue cousin towards conspecifics.
Notes: We would like to encourage our readers to let the marine biologists gather more facts before purchasing this fish. If it is discovered in your local area, please contact a qualified marine representative, in hopes of avoiding the loss of this beautiful fish.
We do expect this fish to appear on sites like Ebay or other auction sites, in hopes of garnering a large sum of money for this rare (at this time) fish. Please don't feed the greed. Report the sellers; stop unethical sales of what might be the last of this species. Public aquariums may be better suited for this fish.
Further Reading: Nothing available at this time.

Note: All of the above information has been compiled from various sources and should be used as a guideline, not a hardfast rule. Use caution when selecting animals for your own tank and research as much as possible before purchasing any animals. Remember that certain corals and fish are very hard to keep if their special requirements are not met. The information contained here is to help you make an informed decision. The author assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise from the use of this information.

Fish Profile: Powder Red Tang by Tony Nista - Reefkeeping.com