Acrylic Workshop - April 5, 2009

Workshop: How to polish out scratches in Acrylic. Due to some recent gang activity, the Georgia Aquarium's tanks have been vandalized. Learn how to remove that damage as you practice on 24 inches of thick acrylic on the 6.3 million gallon display tank. Everyone is invited as there is plenty of surface area to hone those skills. Unless you are a gang member, then please stay away.

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DIY Workshop - April 18, 2009

DIY Sandbed Workshop

DFWMAS will use limestone found in our very own backyard. Using simple tools like cheese graters and meat tenderizers, limestone can be pulverized to any size sand you prefer for your reef tank. Why spend all that money buying sand at your local fish store when you can make it yourself? Oolitic sand can be made for cheap, if you have the muscle and some free time!

Here's a picture from last year's event.

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Recycling Water - May 2-3, 2009

Colorado's "Let's Use That Snow" Project

This time of year is perfect for us to 'think green' and re-use what nature gives us annually. Make your own water from free snow. Avoid the yellow stuff, as this leads to inevitable cycling. Learn how to collect the right stuff, and what to avoid. Discover how to spot a Polar Bear without putting yourself at risk. Adam Blundell is the leading expert on this topic, and we are excited to have him speak to our members.

Admission free to all club members. Guests can pay $20 to attend, or can opt to haul heavy containers of snow or water to our vehicles in lieu of payment.

Items required:
Buckets - for carrying water.
Hair dryer - for melting the snow of course.
1000' extension cord - for the above device.
Truck - for hauling the water.
... and a strong back, warm boots and a back country recovery team.

You will need to contact the Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildlife Association to obtain your permits. No more than ten 5 gallon buckets may be romoved in a 24hr period.

You are required to sterilize and purify your old water and return it to the area where you removed to snow from.

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