Sarah Lardizabal

Sarah currently calls Delaware home but has roots in Florida. She holds a degree in wildlife conservation and is weighing her graduate school options for marine and molecular biology. Her scientific interests lean toward the application of the advances of molecular biology and biotechnology to the fields of marine science. She has worked in marine biotechnology application projects, zebrafish, diatom and plant genomics research and wetlands research.

Sarah has kept aquariums in some form since very early childhood, starting with Spanky the goldfish, and thanks her parents for their indulgence and support. With a marine engineer and a former marine biologist for parents, her obsession with the ocean was likely inevitable. Her freshwater aquaria interests were mostly in Apistogramma and West African dwarf cichlids and extensive freshwater planted systems. Her marine days started in early college and eventually moved from reef setups to marine planted and seagrass dominated aquaria. She is an avid SCUBA diver who dreams of running her own live aboard operation in Belize and hopes to one day become a professional instructor.

She has interned and volunteered as an aquarist and husbandry aide for several zoos and aquariums in the U.S. including the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. Sarah hopes to join the research team of an aquarium or zoo, and work as a curator, after completing her education. When she isn't out parading as gator or shark bait, wading through seagrass beds in the Indian River Lagoon and the Chesapeake, she is often luring reefkeepers to 'the dark side' in the Marine Plant & Macroalgae forum here on Reef Central.

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