Eric Borneman

Eric Borneman is the author of Aquarium Corals: Selection, Husbandry, and Natural History, and is co-author for the book, A Practical Guide to Corals. He has authored and published over almost seventy articles and papers on marine subjects in various scientific and trade publications and journals internationally.

He is the host of The Coral Forum at Reef Central, is a contributor to many websites internationally, has spoken at many scientific and aquarium related conferences, events, and societies, and has taught classes on coral biology, coral propagation, and other reef issues. He co-founded the Marine and Reef Aquarium Society of Houston and is currently involved with reef conservation efforts, coral disease, and aquarium trade sustainability issues worldwide.

He has been maintaining reef aquaria for twelve years, and has been diving and photographing coral reefs of the world for 23 years. His current aquaria include a linked multi-habitat system of over 500 gallons that includes a seagrass habitat, an intertidal habitat and a large coral reef that run without any filtration devices.

Eric has a degree in biology from Rice University, and is currently working on his Ph. D. in coral reef ecology in the specialty area of coral disease and immunity at the University of Houston. He lives in Houston where he is at work on his next books.

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